By Harmony Baker



From attending pre-school at what was called CASTLE (now the Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC) to a university is a BIG blessing for me because I never thought I would be able to attend an university. The reasons why I had the kind of mindset of not attending was because I’ve always doubted myself. I had a counselor tell me to go to a community college and then transferring to a university because of my GPA. I even had classmates tell me that there was no way I could attend a university because of my disability. Being deaf is a challenge but it is also a blessing. Throughout my high school years I will say I did struggle, I was more of a B and C student.  I did not always put my best effort into my work until my last year of high school. Being deaf is a struggle only if you make it a struggle. I am always grateful for who I am. Now that I am going to college I will not let my self down because of what people think of me. When I look back throughout my twelve years of school, one thing I regret is always caring what people thought of me in a negative way. I had more positive things I had in my life than the negative. One thing I’ve learned is the more positive you are about yourself the more happier you will become in life. I will have more self confidence in myself because that is the only way I will become successful. 

Having any kind of disability isn’t bad, sad, or shameful. It’s called a blessing. 




In The Fall I will be a member of the WildCat. Johnson and Wales University, Fashion Marketing Merchandising of Business. 🙂

3 Responses to “Story of My Life: From Preschool to College”

  1. Holly Shoun

    You are a trailblazer, Harmony! I think you attended CASTLE preschool just before my son did. Thank you for sharing about your success as you continue to inspire the deaf kids and their families that see your picture on the halls of the UNC clinic.

  2. Holly Teagle

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story, Harmony. You were a sweet, friendly and engaging little girl at CASTLE and it’s so wonderful to see you moving on to this next stage in life. Congratulations and good luck to you!

  3. Lisa Park

    YOU are a blessing Harmony. Congratulations! All your hard work (and your momma’s) is paying off!


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