Welcome to our new CCIC Audiologist, Melissa Auchter, AuD.  Melissa says her name is easy to remember….think of Dr. Seuss.  Auchter rhymes with Doctor… She is Doctor Auchter.  Melissa grew up in North Carolina and did her graduate work at the University of Florida.  She comes to us from the University of Miami Cochlear Implant Program.  Melissa loves working with children and her hobbies include cooking and music.  She has played hand bells in several different hand bell choirs for many years.  Melissa has been on board for about a month and today she had one of those crazy life experiences that makes you appreciate just how small our world really is:  her afternoon patient today is the daughter of a woman who used to babysit Melissa and her brother when they were children. Isn’t that crazy?  We are so pleased to have Dr. Auchter at the Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC and know you will welcome her warmly at your next visit.


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