Recently,  Maegan Evans, speech-language pathologist at CCIC, participated in Alexa’s IEP meeting as she transitioned to a mainstream second-grade classroom. Maegan reports that Alexa is reading at an age-appropriate level, is developing her math skills, loves school and has many friends. Alexa’s teachers describe her as a bright, loving, kind, well-liked child. This is a child who did not speak a word at age 3 and is now telling stories, singing songs, talking about her favorite toys and places to go.  Enjoy this final post by Terri Gohn regarding her experiences with grand daughter, Alexa.

We are relishing this journey with Alexa. It has been filled with successes for us and for this precious child we care for. It has also been the hardest thing we have ever done. We were like giddy school children the first day of kindergarten when we revisited her pre-k teacher and she proudly said her name. At the end of pre-k, she could not do that. It took three months of practice to get it right. Yesterday, she sang a song from a movie on key for the first time. She has practiced this for over a year.  We have watched her become more confident as she learned how to communicate better with her voice. We have seen the enjoyment in her face as she listens to music.  We have heard her love for that music erupt into song, as she hears that tune in her head that won’t go away. The journey is not over for us. It will never be over for her as she discovers all the sounds the world has. Our word for this journey is not impossible or easy. Our word for this journey is JOY.


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