In June, three of our Speech-Language Pathologists had the opportunity to gather in Washington D.C. with other professionals from across the United States and around the world to learn new research in the field of Listening and Spoken Language, collaborate with others, and share some of the exciting work we are doing at the Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC.

Transforming Professional Learning in Listening and Spoken Language Practice

Lillian Henderson and Sandra Hancock shared our model of coaching professionals throughout the state of North Carolina which increases the access our patients have to quality Listening and Spoken Language therapy regardless of where they live. They also encouraged professionals to brainstorm how they could provide training and skills to professionals in their home state or country.

“It’s always wonderful to hear from other professionals and learn about new research that can be implemented in my own practice. It was also exciting to receive so much positive feedback on the work we’re doing, from professionals in the United States, as well as from Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand!” Sandra Hancock


Therapy Protocol for Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss who Receive A Cochlear Implant

Maegan Evans and Sandra Hancock presented a poster describing how to conduct therapy for children with unilateral hearing loss who receive a cochlear implant.  Maegan Evans shares that speaking to a colleague in Australia about the UNC protocol was rewarding. The speech pathologist was especially interested that the UNC team had a protocol assessing specific auditory goals that would be very helpful in providing guidance to a child’s therapist.

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