by Marcy, his mom 

Hope for Hudson …

Our son, Hudson, was born in June of 2013.  Like all parents we were overjoyed to welcome this precious baby into our family.  Not long after birth it became very apparent to us, and the medical team, that something was very wrong.  Less than 24 hours after birth our son was transported to Wake Medical Center by a team from Duke Life Flight.  After 43 days in the NICU at Wake Medical Center, our son was transported to UNC’s NICU in heart and kidney failure.  He remained in the NICU for 24 days at UNC and was finally discharged to come home at the end of August of 2013.

In addition to several other diagnoses, Hudson ‘failed’ his newborn hearing screening.  Although I did not want it to be true, I knew in my heart that our son could not hear. Honestly, the hearing issue was placed on the ‘backburner’ for a little bit because we had to worry about saving Hudson’s life first and addressing the hearing loss next.

Our son received hearing aids at 6 months of age.  It became apparent that the aids were not enough for our sweet boy to hear speech.  In September of 2014, Hudson received his implant at 16 m

onths of age.  Even with the implant we were told that our son would never hear speech and would never talk due to a deformed cochlear nerve seen on his CT scan.

We were also told that Hudson would only be able to receive 1 implantbecause the auditory nerve on the right side was missing making an implant on that side impossible.  It was truly a period in our lives that ‘the hits’ kept on coming.  Devastated by this news, we decided to continue with the implant surgery.  We knew that the surgery was his best chance to function in a hearing world.  His best chance to develop and reach his fullest potential especially considering other diagnoses that we were dealing with.

Today, almost 5 years later, I am so thankful and humbled to report that Hudson CAN hear.  Hudson CAN also TALK!!  He is making great strides in spoken language and we ar


e overjoyed!  While Hudson’s journey may be a little more involved than others, I share it with the same mama’s heart that wants the best for her child.  I share our story to encourage others that whatever you are dealing with there is always hope!  It is not always easy but it is always worth it.

The Children’s Cochlear Implant Center has been vital in helping our family reach the goal of spoken language for Hudson.  Consistent weekly therapy is key in development.  From the surgeons, to audiologists, and therapists we have been supported and encouraged.  They have worked with us even when science indicated that things would go one way, they never discouraged our hopes for hearing and spoken language.  Our journey continues and I am so thankful that we have everyone at the implant center to continue to help Hudson along the way! Truly a little place for BIG miracles in sound and speech

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